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A CNC router is a computer-controlled cutting machine used for a variety of precision cutting, carving, and engraving tasks in woodworking, metalworking, plastic fabrication, and other industries. CNC routers are similar in concept to CNC milling machines, but they are primarily designed for routing operations, which involve cutting and shaping materials using a rotating cutting tool.
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Applications of CNC routers include:
  • Woodworking: Crafting furniture, cabinets, signs, and intricate woodwork.
  • Metalworking: Cutting and engraving metals like aluminum, brass, and steel.
  • Plastics: Creating plastic parts, prototypes, and signage.
  • Foam Cutting: Producing foam moulds and packaging materials.
  • Stone and Glass: Engraving and shaping stone and glass for decorative and architectural purposes.

CNC routers are valued for their precision, repeatability, and the ability to automate complex cutting tasks, making them indispensable tools in many manufacturing and fabrication processes.

Full Scale Capability AXYZ Innovator CNC Router Machine

Innovator CNC Router

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