Automatic Milling / Bending Machine

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Quick Overview:

- To process straight edges on composite panels for architectural facades, transport indurtry, Interior Design and Visual Communication
- Alu Bender mills the panel and bends the exposed skin, covering the core and protecting it from atmospheric agents
- The bending radius on the edge is perfect for all types of aluminium composite panels

Industrial Panel Feeding
  • Non-slip pad to guarantee a stronghold of panel. Double row of rubber assembled on a very sturdy beam to adjust the push on the panel
  • High quality and powerful gearbox for an adjustable and continuous feeding
  • The linearity of the panel feeding is guaranteed by the sliding track which has been manufactured with high precision
  • Long term reliability and great precision thanks to the monobloc frame precessed singularly on the mahcining centre
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Automatic Milling / Bending Machine

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