HDE Series Enclosed Type Exchange Table Laser Cutting Machine

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Quick Overview:

Applicable materials:
- Stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, aluminium plate, galvanized sheet and etc. 
Lathe bed:
- The bed is made of 14-18mm thick plate and adopted automatic welding method to avoid artificial welding
- The bed is a W-shaped structure with cross reinforcement on both sides and in the middle, which effectively ensure the anti-pressure and durability of the bed
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The Seventh Generation Aviation Aluminum Cross Beam
- Adopting the extruded one-piece forming process, it has high strength and can withstand heavy loads without deforming or breaking.
- It is made of high-quality aluminum material that is both lightweight and strong. This allows the laser cutting machine to move quickly and accurately while maintaining its stability during the cutting process.
- It enables the laser cutting machine to move faster, resulting in faster cutting speeds without sacrificing precision or quality.

Advantages Of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 

  • Very low using cost, every hour only consuming 1 kw electricity, cutting all kinds of sheet metal by air
  • Adopt German IPG brand/China famous Raycus or Max Laser sources, high and stable funcition, lifespan is over 100,000 hours
  • Automatic table change system can save the loading time of materials
  • Full protective house appearance design helps to reduce laser radiation
  • Laser source free of maintenance. Very less consumables. 
  • Smooth and fine cutting edge or surface and tiny heat-affected zone 

Professional Fiber Laser Cutting Supplier in Malaysia

Laser Cutting Plastic Film On Gold Plated Steel Plate

Using bevel cutting head to cut 16mm carbon steel

HDE Series Enclosed Type Exchange Table Laser Cutting Machine

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